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Meggitt Training Systems is the leading supplier of integrated live fire and simulation weapons training systems supporting military, defense and security forces, federal and international law enforcement agencies, large metropolitan training academies, thousands of police departments, ammunition and firearms manufacturers and commercial shooting range owners.

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What's new at Meggitt Training Systems?

Meggitt Training Systems $99 Million US Army contract for Engagement Skills Trainer confirmed

Following the announcement in Meggitt PLC’s first-half results and after action by the U.S. General Accounting Office denying the protest of another bidder, Meggitt Training Systems has been reaffirmed as the …

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Judgmental Training: How Real Should It Be?

Meggitt Training Systems Presents Officer Survivability from the Inside-Out: The Physical and Psychological Effects of Combat Stress at IACP in Orlando, FL

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Advanced Simulation, Live Fire Training Ready Officers for Real World Scenarios

Suwanee, GA - In today’s volatile urban climate, judgmental training is more important than ever in the field of Law Enforcement. Officers need to be ready for a life-altering situation before their life or …

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