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Hostile Fire System (HFS)

Return fire simulator

hostile fire system in law enforement enviromentMeggitt Training Systems Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS) makes firearms, use of force, and judgmental training as realistic as possible, short of employing live opponents for law enforcement training. This optional firearms simulator increases police training realism by discharging projectiles at trainees to stress the importance of cover and concealment. When the simulation system discharges the projectiles, students immediately know they are "under fire," thus increasing their stress level. With the HFS as a valuable tactical firearms training tool, instructors will maintain a better assessment of each student's performance.

  • Connections are simple and unique promoting quick system setup
  • Fires readily available soft foam projectiles
  • Easy to use commercial joystick makes targeting and firing effective and comfortable
  • Uses CO2 or compressed air from standard tanks or shop air supply (@100 psi)
  • Low light camera mounted on cannon for aiming accuracy
  • Readily available monochrome camera and monitor require no setup
  • Single shot, three-round burst, and fully auto firing modes are all supported
  • Designed to track quick moving targets
  • Wide coverage for maximum freedom of movement of trainees (no dead zones)
  • Stable platform - no mounting required
  • Virtual firearms training system is completely stand-alone; it may be used with or without a training simulator


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